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Rev. Dr. Paul P. Akbar Khan
Founder-President- TBGJ
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What We Do?

1. Homeless
OEP assists families in financial crisis to achieve and maintain self-sufficiency. We do not just provide support; we supply the tools for families to once again become independent, productive residents of the community. With your help, we can continue to ensure that families in A.P. can go to bed safe, happy, and healthy, with a sense of stability and hope for the future. Many of the families come to us after losing their homes or having been evicted from their shelters. At OEP, our biggest concern is to protect the children. No matter what may have caused a family to become homeless, children are always the innocent victims.

2. Orphans
We already built up orphanage buildings securedly for the children but due to lack of funds we could not accommodate many of them as one building is not fully constructed up to the mark. The need is more but the labor is on count.

How does it work :-
Children Incorporated relies on our donors and individual sponsors to provide opportunities to children in our province. Sponsorship provides an underprivileged child with basic necessities such as food, clothing, healthcare and education. For just $28 a month, you can help to break the cycle of poverty and give a child hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Micro-Finance loans :-- Micro-finance Loans are small ($100-$300) loans provided to men and women to help start or expand a small business. This small seed capital allows a budding entrepreneur to purchase a sewing machine, buy bulk materials for resale, or open a stall in a market, creating a revenue stream with which to repay the loan and accrue savings. Repayment rates typically exceed 98%, and funds are re-lent back into the community thereby creating continuous opportunities for growth. A micro-loan can completely change a family’s life. Micro-irrigation loans help farmers diversify crops, create income, and turn fields of rock and rubble into fields of green. The loan empowers farmers to purchase equipment, li ke drip irrigation kits, to provide a steady supply of clean water to crops. This equipment helps to potentially yield 2 or 3 harvests per year instead of the usual 1 harvest.

Water Projects :--
Shallow borehole wells are very similar to hand-dug wells but more equipment is required because the water table is deeper underground . These projects require a small drilling rig and are dug to a depth of 35-70 meters. Cost is typically $10,000. Deep borehole wells are approximately 600 feet deep (180 meters) and bring safe water to thousands of people. These complex water projects require a deep drilling rig and extensive pipe work to bring clean water to the surface. Deep boreholes typically have multiple water distribution points and miles of piping can be used to get the water to each of these points. Often the cost for this type of project exceeds $100,000.

Housing Projects :
Today, the problem of homeless people is rather a pressing one, and unfortunately widespread all over the world. The reasons can be quite different: it can be a high rent for the habitation, low salary, mental disability, the loss of all the members of the family etc. When people are in such a difficult situation, they need to live further somehow and they have no other way out than to live in a small carton and beg for some money. Out of our survey came out a village called CHINA PARUPUDI, Krishna Dist. Andhra Pradesh, this is a very remote area, they are treated as low caste people , they are rat killers and eaters , cat killers and eaters and fisherman, and scavengers, schedule tribe people living in hutswithout walls, no proper roof, no proper food , no certain income, some times they are starving . Though, analyzing that information, it is clear, that mostly, people lived in the poor districts, where there is a high percentage of unemployment, family violation, low education, abuse etc. All these factors can be taken into account as the primary ones who are on the verge of homelessness.

Out of 100 families in the slums, 65 of them have been identified as most needy for basic shelters. For each house, a working group will be selected from the self help groups to rebuild the structure and replace temporary thatched roofs by durable cement asbestos sheets. We request you to kindly help them for a small house with one room, one kitchen and one Toilet . Kindly , extend your helping hand to construct 60 houses for 65 families.